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Long standing online PR and music marketing specialists Jamie Danan and Kevin Marston decided to celebrate their most successful year as heads of Cannonball PR in 2009, by launching their own record label, Stray Cat Records. Inspired by their love for great live and recorded music by artists with big cahonés and raw talent they set out on a mission to nurture the development of such music.

Stray Cat’s first signing at the end of 2009 could be no better exponent of the above characteristics. They are:

The Good The Bad from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Speaking about The Good The Bad, Danan says, “The first time I heard these guys it made me rise from my chair to dance and put a huge smile on my face, then when I saw them live, I nearly lost my mind. As a devotee to Jimi Hendrix and that school of music, I instantly recognised that era being genuinely brought back to life in a new and very exciting way. I was instantly keen to become involved in whatever way I could with this act. The fact that they are the first signing to our label is like: ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky!”

Danan continues, “Stray Cat was named so as a nod to the Rolling Stones track Stray Cat Blues, which was also covered by grunge gurus Soundgarden in the early 90s, two bands we massively adore. Although, on a deeper level  the name felt right as it resonated with the way we’ve always felt within the music industry as ambassadors of the new age of the internet: slightly wild and unwanted, like a Stray Cat.”

We feel there are a great deal of potential Stray Cats out there, who will always excite and lead the way in breaking new ground due to their adventurous spirit.

Stray Cat symbolises this independence, resilience and confidence, and will be a place where our artists are given the time, space and opportunity to develop and flourish. As a truly independent label Stray Cat will also be able to call on the creative support of its immediate Cannonball PR family and many affiliates who specialise in design, production, distribution, promotions and marketing.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in joining our label.

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